Winter Starbound Update Is Massive


Chucklefish, developers of the popular universe-exploration game Starbound, has announced their winter update, and it’s huge.

Starbound is currently available through Steam as an open beta, and has been for about a year. Chucklefish’s team is great about posting regular updates and communicating with the community, but with noticeable changes to the game being relatively minor over the last year, it seemed as though this game might never make it to its full, complete version. A few months ago, Chucklefish posted on their blog a list of features they had planned for the final game, and that goal seemed even farther away than before. Many of the goals were ambitious, and didn’t look anything like Starbound at the time.

However, the winter update promises to include most of the features Chucklefish promised for the final game, including a completely new progression system, questing, new biomes, a new race, improved combat, and much more. You can watch their update trailer here:

I loved Starbound when it first came out, but lost interest quickly when I ran out of things to do. News like this makes me want to go back and explore the universe again. Maybe the long-awaited 1.0 of Starbound isn’t too far away?

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