Game Awards 2014: No Man’s Sky Trailer Is Gorgeous As Expected


At the Game Awards 2014, Hello Games showed a new No Man’s Sky trailer demonstrating travel features for the upcoming game.

The trailer features space travel, warping, and wormholes, each transporting the player to a unique, procedurally generated area with different types of geography, plant-life, creatures…everything. No Man’s Sky prides itself on an open world with literally everything being procedural, meaning that every gameplay experience will be unique. As a planetary explorer, you adventure from planet to planet and interact with the various things you find. The game is anticipated for 2015 currently, and will be a timed exclusive for PS4, later coming to PC.

You can view the new trailer here:

After the trailer was shown, 65DaysOfStatic featuring Supermoon debuted live a new track from their No Man’s Sky album, announced today. More No Man’s Sky information and footage will be released tomorrow, at the PlayStation Experience event.

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