Game Awards 2014: The Fullbright Company Introduces Tacoma


At this evenings Game Awards 2014, The Fullbright Company world premiered its upcoming game, entitled Tacoma. Tacoma will be released sometime in 2016. The trailer included very few details. It featured some sort of boot sequence to open a door with a female voice narrating, and then a first-person POV walking into a wide hallway with various archways along the sides, objects floating around the POV, and a clear ceiling with a dark sky above. “Tacoma” is described in on-screen text as a “Lunar-Transfer Station.” The only other thing we can infer is perhaps what sort of game it might be, as it’s from the creators of “Gone Home,” an interactive story-adventure game released in 2013 for PC.

Other than that, no details, but we’ll keep you updated as we hear more about this, and other stories from the Game Awards 2014 here at GameSided! For more gaming news and reviews, follow us on twitter @GameSidedDotCom. To get the latest in gaming wherever you go, download the official Fansided App on the App Store or Google Play Market today!