Game Awards 2014: Facepunch Studios Unveils Before Game Trailer


Facepunch Studios, best known for survival game Rust and sandbox Garry’s Mod just unveiled a trailer for their upcoming prehistoric survival game, “Before” at the Game Awards 2014.

“Before” is different from normal survival games in that it doesn’t focus on the survival of a single individual, but rather follows the story of a tribe as they struggle to survive in the prehistoric world. The player follows and controls their story as they grow in numbers, develop a culture, and interact with the environment. The development blog talks a little more in-depth about some of the features–your tribe will have to find food, construct shelter. There will be seasons and weather which change in real time. The game is rendered in a deliberately simple 3D art style, and seems to feature a variety of environments. No word yet on release date or year, and the official website states that they are still working toward a playable alpha, so it might be a long time before we actually get a chance to play this. It will definitely be available at least for PC.

You can watch the trailer here:

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