Rumors: Paper Mario Wii U Leaked By Walmart?


According to My Nintendo News, Walmart allegedly posted a generic listing for a new Paper Mario Wii U. They removed it almost immediately, but not before a nameless fan got a screenshot.

This could, of course, be a total hoax, or a mistake on Walmart’s part. The joke Twitter account @NintendoAntarct has been Tweeting about a potential Paper Mario Wii U all day, and some websites are now attributing similar tweets to Nintendo of America. The Paper Mario games are widely popular, and a sequel that makes full use of the Wii U’s gamepad and other features has been speculated widely over the last year. There is a lot of fan chatter about a new Paper Mario Wii U potentially being announced at the Game Awards tomorrow night. For now, we must be content with the rumor mill.

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