Defective Amiibos Sell For Big Bucks On Ebay


You may have already heard a story recently about a defective Samus Amiibo being sold on eBay. This Samus Amiibo, which had cannons on both arms instead of just one, sold for $2,500. According to GameSpot, it was fought for by 19 different bidders placing 75 total bids before the auction closed.

Recently, a second factory defect Amiibo has appeared on eBay. This one’s a Peach…with no legs. GameSpot reports that there are at least two of things floating around out in the world somewhere, and one of them is currently up for auction on eBay. At the time of this post, the top bid is $3,500 and 68 total bids have been placed, with the auction closing next Wednesday.

So Amiibos are not only functional in-game, but are definitely making the rounds as collectors items. It’s always a gamble in cases like this, whether such items are really worth the money people pour into them, but it will certainly be interesting to hear the story of these defective Amiibos years down the road, when even their regular versions are harder to get ahold of.

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