Steam Streams: Introducing Steam Broadcasting


If you’re a fan of Steam games, it just got a whole lot easier to stream them for others.

Steam just introduced the open beta of their newest feature — Steam Broadcasting. It’s free, has no ads, and requires minimal effort on the part of the streamer to accomplish. From the Steam menu, you can opt in to the beta, and then set up your gaming sessions so that your friends or the public can request to watch, or so that either group can watch at any time automatically.

Audio commentary from your microphone is implemented, but so far no webcam or other image support, and in that way the service is still unlike Twitch–it’s less of a performance. Nonetheless, it seems inevitable that such features will eventually be added as Steam Broadcasting moves toward a full release. With it’s ad-free nature and easy setup, it looks to be a serious contender for Twitch in the future.

h/t PC Gamer

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