Update: Error Code 160-0103 Is Disastrous For Wii U Players


Update: Yesterday we reported that the error was caused by Smash Bros. According to this post on /r/SmashBros, the error is unrelated to Smash Bros, but rather is a fault in certain consoles and has occurred in conjunction with other games, even before Smash was out.  If you encounter this error in any form, it is still recommended to call Nintendo Support to avoid a bricked console.

Original Post:

Nintendo Life reports that stories are surfacing of Error Code 160-0103  appearing in Super Smash Bros for Wii U, to disastrous results.

Though it seems to be appearing at random, some are reporting that it appears after playing in For Glory mode, and then resetting the system. The problem seems to be related to the system memory in some way. Others theorize it has to do with a recent update to the Wii U.

The system will seem fine at first, and only Super Smash Bros will be disrupted, but apparently after attempting to access Smash or the Data Management page on the Wii U home menu, some players are reporting total memory wipes of their system, or a bricked system. These players are forced to send their systems to Nintendo for fixes, and Nintendo is currently working on a solution.

Here’s a video of the error in action:

For now, if you encounter this error, it may be best to call Nintendo for support right away instead of attempting to fix it yourself, in case the problem becomes worse.

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