Steam Exploration Sale approaches, we're starting to see a wider variet..."/> Steam Exploration Sale approaches, we're starting to see a wider variet..."/>

Steam Exploration Sale Day 4: Save On Outlast & More


As Day 4 of Steam Exploration Sale approaches, we’re starting to see a wider variety of deals emerge. AAA, Indie, Early Access; classic and contemporary PC games are on sale right now at the Steam storefront. What’s different this year, from last year’s Steam Holiday Sale, is that most of the bells and whistles are gone in favor of straight-up savings. No more community voting, no more flash sales, nothing special but the deals this year. Whether or not a Steam Holiday Sale will follow in mid-late December is yet to be seen.

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There are two different types of games on sale during the Steam Exploration Sale: 2-day sales and 1-day sales. Valve are creating a sense of urgency with the 1-day sales, which include some of the deepest sales cuts you may see this week. Best yet, this will go on until December 2nd, surpassing the length and variety that most Black Friday sales will offer. You can see yesterday’s sales here, where the 2-day sales are still ongoing.

With that in mind, here are the Steam Exploration Sale Day 4 games, ordered by biggest percentage price cut:

2-Day Sales

1-Day Sales

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