Nintendo Announces Mewtwo DLC Details For Smash


A Tweet by Nintendo of America this morning has established deadlines for registering your Super Smash Bros games with Club Nintendo to receive special goodies from them. Registering by the first deadline nets you the official SSB soundtrack, and the second gets you Mewtwo. You must register both a copy of the Wii U game and a copy of the 3DS game to receive these rewards.

Looks like the Mewtwo download code will be available sooner than we thought, and will only be available to early buyers. But that’s okay, because he’s no longer limited to those with the moolah and the systems to own both games.

Siliconera has translated the Japanese Nintendo page and it apparently states that Mewtwo will be available as paid DLC at a later date. No further details, such as cost, are given.

Nintendo seems pretty conflicted right now as to where it stands on DLC. On one hand, they have Mewtwo, but Sakurai stated in an interview with IGN that, for now, Mewtwo was it. But fans are still clamoring for more character and stage additions for Smash for the franchises that weren’t represented, and with Pokemon ORAS’s release tomorrow (today, for some countries), we already have Pokemon fans demanding DLC content on social media, in spite of the fact that in an interview with VG247 about Pokemon X and Y, Junichi Masuda said he wasn’t interested. Yet Mario Kart 8 already has DLC. So…where is Nintendo going?

It seems inevitable that they will eventually make DLC a regular part of their games, and perhaps a lot of that DLC will be free. For now, go register your Smash games with Club Nintendo once you pick up the Wii U version, and be sure to get yourself a shiny Beldum when you pick up Pokemon ORAS. Both games have received great reviews, DLC or no.

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