FanSided Deals: The NES30 Bluetooth Controller: A Gaming Classic, Reinvented


There’s something to be said for the classics. Take the controller for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Was it the most comfortable, ergonomic design? Not by a long shot. Did it have a tendency to break when thrown in frustration? Sure … um, I mean, I’ve heard that it did.

Despite all that, it’s an instantly recognizable, undeniably iconic part of gaming history. It’s also one you can revisit thanks to our current deal on the NES30 Bluetooth Controller. This baby can help you flash back to 1985 with its design, which looks just like the gamepad we all grew to love. Yet it’s also very much a product of the here and now thanks to two extra action buttons and two shoulder buttons for all the inputs a modern gamer could want.

Compatible with most Bluetooth-compatible iOS and Android devices, as well as Mac and Windows computers and the Nintendo Wii, it’s also versatile, connecting via Bluetooth or USB cable. It even includes free shipping and comes with a touchscreen device stand for your mobile gaming pleasure.

All that for just $29.99, which is 25 percent off the NES30’s suggested retail price. It’s a small price to pay for a big slice of nostalgia.