Delta Episode Adds A New Chapter To Pokemon ORAS


This morning, the Pokemon Company released a video almost in tandem with CoroCoro leaks, revealing that a new chapter has been added to the upcoming Pokemon games Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This “Delta Episode” is an extra chapter that was not present in the original Ruby and Sapphire games, and seems to feature Deoxys. You can check out the CoroCoro scans on

The trailer shows a whole host of legendary Pokemon that will be available during the Delta Episode, as well as a mysterious new character. Her name is Zinnia, and according to the CoroCoro scans she travels with a Whismur and uses Mega Salamence in battle. Her actual role in the episode is unknown.

The Delta Saga will also include an epic-looking sky battle with Mega Rayquaza, and help from some very familiar faces to those who played the original games. Check out the Pokemon Company’s trailer below to see it all in action:

The best part is probably “Save the Hoenn region from a giant asteroid!” (Also, guess this means no Delta Emerald, if you thought that would be a thing.)

Enjoy these tantalizing details for now, and keep your eyes open for my review of the games on November 18th.

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