Miiverse Profiles Go Public This Month


Marty from Miiverse posted today to let us all know that in an update at the end of November, all Miiverse profiles will be viewable by the public.

Currently, profiles are only viewable if you have a Nintendo Network ID and sign in. After the update, anyone can view the profiles without signing in, though you can still set yours to only be viewable by friends or those with IDs through User Page -> Profile Settings.

This isn’t too big a deal–Nintendo Miiverse profiles are relatively benign. The public will be able to see your default Mii and whatever information you have provided such as country, birthday, systems owned, and favorite game genres. They can also see your Miiverse posts. However, those who prefer a little more privacy may want to change their settings as soon as the update takes effect. An exact date isn’t known yet.

It’s interesting to watch Nintendo take baby steps into using the Internet. They’ve always been the most family friendly of the console giants, and have been very slow to add the same freedoms of communication and connectivity to their games, likely for fear of damaging their reputation with parents as being relatively safe. Yet Miiverse functions as a sort of dumbed-down Twitter for Nintendo information, and with the addition of voice chat in Smash Bros and online connectivity in most of their upcoming games, it’s clear they’re starting to push down the walls one by one.

h/t My Nintendo News

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