RealPlayer Cloud Coming to Xbox One


In a few weeks, Plex won’t be the only open sourced video player destined for the Xbox One. Today, the video streaming company RealNetworks announced that they were bringing the RealPlayer Cloud to the Xbox One. RealPlayer Cloud is the video streaming service that allows millions of users access to their entire video library from anywhere there is internet connection. Now, there is an opportunity to enjoy your entire multimedia collection with the hands-free beauty of the Xbox One.

RealPlayer Cloud has gone to great lengths to utilize all the conviences provided within the Xbox One and Kinect. You can use either voice commands or gestures to navigate the video player. You can also use the “Snap” functionality provided in the Xbox One to stream a video and simultaneously watch tv or play a game.

It will bring your entire video collection right to your tv. This will enable the Xbox One to function as an actual multimedia center. Since it stores your videos on a server, you can begin watching a video on any of your other devices and then seamlessly switch to your Xbox One to continue. There is also a “sharing tab” within the app that grants access to other videos your friends have provided you to watch. Along with that there is a “Web” tab that you can access videos that other RealPlayer members have made public.

RealPlayer Cloud is planning on adding the ability to seamlessly upload videos that you record with your Xbox One directly up to your account. Granting you immediate access and also allowing you to share them with your friends. RealNetworks announced that the RealPlayer cloud will be available next Tuesday 11/11 for download, so be on the lookout.

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