Nintendo Direct: Amiibos Put A New Spin On Hyrule Warriors


Nintendo clarified today during their Nintendo Direct exactly what kind of compatibility the Amiibos will have with their recent popular hack and slash, Hyrule Warriors. The highlight of their presentation was, understandably, the Link Amiibo. Using the Link Amiibo gives the player access to an item from Twilight Princess: The spinner. Footage shows Link tearing through enemies and flying all over the battlefield while riding the spinner.

All Amiibos that are compatible with Super Smash Bros Wii U will also be compatible with Hyrule Warriors, although not in the same capacity as Link. Scanning in other Amiibos will give the player a random material, weapon, or Rupee.

The Amiibo function will be added to Hyrule Warriors later this month as a free software update. The Twilight Princess pack will be added at the same time.

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