Weird Glitch Results In Smash Bros Bans


You may have seen this on Twitter, as it’s already been retweeted over 1,000 times, but it looks like a strange glitch is resulting in Smash Bros bans in online play for more than just a few minutes or hours. @Zenaorz1 posted the following screenshot on Friday:

Zenaorz1 and many other players are experiencing really long bans from Super Smash Bros 3DS online play: 71,582,036 minutes, which is equivalent to 136 years. The players were not doing anything at the time that would warrant a life-time ban from Smash Bros, and after multiple reports of it happening it is presumed to be a glitch of some sort. No word on what Nintendo intends to do about it yet. It is probably best to avoid online play for the time being, but if you’re really feeling the need for some long distance Smash, Smash Bros subreddit user seakladoom offers these helpful suggestions to avoid such bans (or any bans at all!):

A. Try not to target one player in Group/FFA.
B. Just use 1v1 for the time being
C. Don’t use online at all.
D. Don’t quit mid-match (courtesy of /u/chrisx8x23x95!)

A potential explanation for the glitch is offered by /u/rstevoa, but as interesting as it is, it doesn’t fix the problem. The best solution is to, for now, tread carefully around online play in Smash Bros and hope a solution is found soon.

h/t Always Nintendo

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