Madden 15 Week 8 NFL simulation

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Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars

In a game where both teams appeared to by trying to run the clock and shorten the game, there were predictably few scoring opportunities for either team. It didn’t help that there were no big plays, no turnovers, and no long special teams returns.

For most of the game, the two team simply took turns driving to midfield and the punting, pinning the the other team deep near their own their endone. Third down conversions were rare, and stringing together enough to put together a long drive proved to be a major challenge for both teams.

The thing that put the Dolphins over the top in this game was quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s running ability. Tannehill had 12 runs for 53 yards. He also managed to pick up seven first downs using his legs. It proved to be just enough to allow the Dolphins to assemble one more scoring drive than the Jaguars.