Madden 15 Week 8 NFL simulation

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Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans

“Complete offensive ineptness” would be a great headline describing this game. There were only 14 combined first downs, and seven combined turnovers.

In fact, both touchdowns scored in this game were defensive touchdowns (a pick-6 and a fumble return). The offenses combined for only nine points, and six of those were set up by turnovers.

There was only one drive in this entire game in which a team moved the ball over 50 yards and gained more than 2 first downs. That was the game’s opening drive in which Tennessee quarterback Zach Metternberger was able to methodically move the ball down the field.

The drive picked up 62 yards and five first downs before stalling and settling for three points. Tennessee would only get two more first downs all game.