Madden 15 Week 8 NFL simulation

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Detroit Lions @ Atlanta Falcons

This was a back-and-forth game that wasn’t decided until the game’s final play. Every time it looked like Detroit begin to pull away, the Falcons would answer with a key play to keep them in the game.

Detroit actually out-gained Atlanta by over 100 yards, but Lions turnovers negated that advantage. The game ended with the Falcons possessing the ball at the Detroit 41-yard line. Had they been able to pick up just five more yards on the game’s final drive, they would have been able to try for a long field goal to force overtime.

The game’s MVP was clearly Reggie Bush. Bush finished the game with 109 rushing yards, 92 receiving yards and all three of Detroit’s touchdowns. No other player from either team came close having that kind of impact on this game.

Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati took advantage of short fields from Baltimore turnovers to build a big early lead, but it didn’t last. Baltimore stopped making critical mistakes, and were able to score 30 unanswered points in the second half and overtime to as they turned a 27-3 deficit into a 33-27 overtime victory.

Interestingly, there were no turnovers in this game. Cincinnati’s short field in the first half were the result of a pair of big punt returns and a failed fourth down conversion.

The game’s momentum swung when the scoreboard began to dictate play-calling. Once the Bengals had a big lead, they were content to try and run the ball and routinely went three-and-out.

Baltimore, on the other hand averaged just 1.9 yards per rush. Once they were down big and began throwing the ball on every down, they starting moving the football with relative ease.