Smash Bros Direct: Stage Builder And Voice Chat Available For Wii U


The Wii U game pad is getting even more use in Smash Bros for Wii U. Confirming a leak from Amazon almost a week ago, today’s Smash Bros Nintendo Direct revealed that Stage Builder is back, and with more options for customization than ever before.

Stage Builder will allow players to create their own stages using the game pad. You can choose terrain and draw features free-hand, or use a special feature to create straight lines. The stylus allows you to place damaging areas or obstacles wherever you like on the map. Stage Builder features five different “themes” or backdrops for your stage, and any song in the game may be used as background music. The Direct claims Stage Builder is easy to use, and “just like drawing,” so be prepared for some pretty wacky stages, especially since all custom stages are Shareable both with friends, and online. Also available for online sharing are snapshots, replays, and Mii fighters. Sharing won’t be available at launch, though, so we’ll have to be patient.

And speaking of online play, looks like Smash for Wii U will introduce Voice Chat. Using the Wii U game pad’s microphone, you are able to chat with your friends on menu screens. Unfortunately, not only is this feature only limited to menu and results screens, but it’s also limited to Friends only. Though, this might be a good thing, as it will likely preserve the family-friendly image Nintendo as always had over its competitor consoles, and keep things pleasant as we innocently beat up each other’s cartoon characters.

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