Smash Bros Direct: Introducing…the Smash Tour!


Remember the “board game mode” for Super Smash Bros Wii U that was leaked almost a week ago? Well, it’s not quite what we expected! In today’s Smash Bros Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that the 3DS game mode of “Smash Run” will be replaced in the Wii U version with a new mode: Smash Tour.

Smash Tour takes place on a game board, where you spin a wheel to move around the map. Your game pieces are Miis, and up to four players can join the game at once, supporting both online play and play with friends. Your goal is to move around the board and collect different Smash fighters (actual playable Smash characters) to use in battles against other players. Whenever you and another player arrive on the same space, all players will face off using the fighters they have acquired during the Smash Tour in the order they were acquired.  Winning a match enables you to steal fighters from other players.

The maps have different layouts, and progressing across them allows you to pick up power-ups for your fighters, similar to the power-ups acquired in Smash Run for the 3DS. As you progress, items can be used to help your Mii or hinder others, both on the game board and in battle. Smash Tours require strategic use of items, random events, and skill to win. All Smash Tours end in a massive stock match, where your stocks are the fighters you’ve acquired thus far, and you gain bonuses based on how far you traveled around the board and all the powerups you received.

It’s crazy, unique, and looks amazing! Planning to play a lot of the Smash Tour mode? Comment below and let us know! For more gaming news and reviews, follow us on twitter @GameSidedDotCom. To get the latest in gaming wherever you go, download the official Fansided App on the App Store or Google Play Market today!