FanSided Deals: Retro Classics Nintendo and Game Boy iPhone 6 cases


Here’s a cool look for you. Get the hottest phone on the market and give it the appearance of a classic video game system. New school meets old school!

You can do that with these Retro Classics Nintendo and Game Boy cases for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. One looks like the controller from the original NES, while the other is a dead ringer for the first Game Boy.

Both cases protect your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from falls, scratches and other unfortunate events. They’re made of hard plastic, but with premium leather oil finishes. They fit the devices snugly and have all of the necessary openings for cords and controls.

We haven’t even arrived at the best part yet: you can choose from either case for just $14 (a savings of 30 percent) and get free shipping to many parts of the world. That’s an offer that’s hard to beat, even though it will be easy to look cool with one of these cases on your iPhone.