PS4 Update 2.0 Dotting Many ‘I’s For PS4 Owners


In a recent blog post, PlayStation Blog, has spelled out more details on the upcoming PS4 Update 2.0 which was previously notable for adding SharePlay, YouTube, and Themes. It seems that Sony has listened to many of the complaints from PS4 owners who enjoy the system’s simplistic structure, but want for a little bit of personalization. Here are some of the highlights from the list I think many PS4 Users will enjoy:

Content Area: The Content Area currently shows all of your applications that have been downloaded to the system and sorts based on the last time you used them. With PS4 Update 2.0, the new Content Area will only display the 15 most recently used applications with the rest being set aside and put into your PS4 Library.

Library: Speaking of the PS4 Library, the current library exists to show you everything you currently have that can be downloaded to your PS4 system. This feature includes games that are downloaded or not downloaded to the system. Essentially, this is your digital library as you can download any purchases directly from the library. PS4 Update 2.0 will allow the Library to be sorted in a variety of ways included alphabetical, content type, and install date. Still no sign of folders, but this is a good step forward there.

USB Music Player: The PS4 doesn’t currently support MP3 playback, but PS4 Update 2.0 adds this functionality to playback files such as MP3, MP4, 3GP, and M4A from a USB stick. In addition, the music is able to played while you play your games. This was a feature that existed on some games on the PS3 (for instance, WWE 13 allowed you to play your music over the game and even allowed you to choose from downloaded music for player intros), but seems now to be functional for PS4 similar to the way Music Unlimited can play over games currently as well. This is not full DNLA support and doesn’t say anything about CD playback, but it is a step in the right direction.

Live Broadcasting: Currently, Live From Playstation doesn’t allow for much search functionality or for you to be able to see what your friends are streaming in particular. PS4 Update 2.0 will add a Featured Channel which will add a PlayStation channel, show your friends streams, and any other game channels that you follow. In addition, there will be additional options for archived streams and search functionality for specific game broadcasts.

There are more features within PS4 Update 2.0 and more news to come on further features, however there is no release date confirmed for its release as of yet. For the full list of currently highlighted features you can click here.

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