5 Wii U Games That Need To Be Made

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#5: “Point-And-Click” Adventures

Hear me out, here. Most people associate point-and-click with the early ’90s and more reading than gameplay, and they’ve got a fair point there. But story-based games that are more about the adventure than the next new gameplay mechanic can be just as engaging as they were back in the day. Replace that text with voice acting and atmospheric music, and you’ve got the beginning of an amazing mystery game. The Wii U Game Pad could be used to interact with the environment and sniff out clues, not unlike the Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton titles on 3DS. But instead of framed, back-and-forth conversations, events could unfold in real time. While you fiddle with a clue on the Game Pad, others may be having a conversation on the main screen. Look down to inspect your evidence too early, and you might miss a key piece of body language that gives away a companion’s true intentions. I personally want to see a mystery game made in this fashion (can you tell?) but any old-school point and click genre could be brought into the modern era with this unique layout.

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