5 Wii U Games That Need To Be Made

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#4: Action/RTS Hybrids

This one is a little bit less defined than the previous three, but no less potent.  Real-Time Strategy games have never really taken off on console, and for good reason: there just isn’t an elegant way to control them. Without a mouse and tons of keys for actions and macros, RTS just doesn’t hold up. It becomes too slow for its own good. However, Pikmin 3 demonstrated that RTS-esque multi-tasking was possible when the Wii U Game Pad was used properly. Let’s do some creative thinking. What if the newly released Hyrule Warriors let you not only battle back hordes of evil minions, but command troops and other generals on the fly? Players could even swap between generals at will, taking control of the battlefield wherever they were needed most. With this type of Action/RTS hybrid, games could finally start delivering on the promise of true battlefield control! If there’s ever a Hyrule Warriors 2, I hope it takes this route – but if not, there are plenty of other ways this style of play could be put to use. Star Fox space opera battles, anyone?