5 Wii U Games That Need To Be Made

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#3: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

This game also suffered from the connector cord issues of Four Swords Adventures, and is also a great co-op experience that would work wonderfully on Wii U. For those who may not have played it, Crystal Chronicles was a dungeon crawler lite that focused on cooperation and exploration. While it was perfectly possible to play alone, features like spell-melding, where teammates would cast different spells on the same area to create new ones, just weren’t possible alone. Players could also manage items and equipment in-game, so parties could prepare for their next battle with the correct spells and equipment. There have been more games in the Chronicles series since, but they haven’t been able to provide the true co-op feel of the original game. With four-player online co-op, or even 3DS-to-Wii U connectivity, Square Enix could get that feeling back again.