5 Wii U Games That Need To Be Made

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#1: Pokemon Snap

If you hadn’t already guessed this one from the first picture, here it is – Pokemon Snap would be absolutely amazing on the Wii U. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has already shown off how the Game Pad, can be used as a first-person second screen, powered by its internal gyroscope. Imagine driving through lush Pokemon environments with beautiful HD Pokemon lounging around in their natural environments – see a great picture? Use the Game Pad to zoom in, focus on your target, and… Snap! The game would work great with Miiverse as well, with gamers posting their favorite pictures online. It’s also a game that’s perfect for DLC: with regular updates with new environments and Pokemon, you’d have a game with unbelievable amounts of longevity. It would also be a great way to flesh out different regions across the Pokemon universe!