5 Wii U Games That Need To Be Made

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Tell me this wouldn’t be fun.

The Wii U as a system has been a hard sell for a lot of gamers, largely due to the fact that it doesn’t completely make sense. It’s a console with some unique control options to be sure: with two screens, a gyroscope and regular controller compatibility, it provides more ways to play than the Xbox One and Playstation 4 – or at least in theory. Execution is another story. To date, the Wii U’s gamepad has rarely been used as anything more than a map or a way to play games without a TV. That being said, there are endless possibilities. This setup could be put to use in some unique and creative ways, and what’s more, Nintendo has already been host to a few of these ways in the past. I’ve compiled a list of five games (more game experiences, really) that would be great to see on Wii U – enjoy!