Madden 15 Week 6 NFL simulation

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Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

After doing this for six weeks, it is clear that Madden 15 loves the Vikings. Every week it seems to predict an improbable blowout win for Minnesota, and this week is no different.

There were two highly-related factors leading to this result. The first was a first-quarter injury to Detroit quarterback Mathew Stafford led to Dan Orlovsky playing under center for Detroit for most of this game. That, in turn, led to turnovers. Lots and lots of turnovers.

Minnesota’s offense actually didn’t do much in this game. Matt Asiata only had 64 yards and the ground, and Teddy Bridgewater only through for 164 through the air. The Vikings were routinely given the ball with a very short field, so it didn’t take many yards to generate a lot of points.