Madden 15 Week 6 NFL simulation

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Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans

Jacksonville finally Wins! Well, at least Madden thinks that they will. It didn’t start out looking like this game was going to be a Jaguars win, with quarterback Blake Bortles throwing a pick-6 on their opening possession.

Bortles settled down after that and  completed 71% of his passes for 254 yards. More importantly, he didn’t turn the ball over again and didn’t put his defense in any bad spots.

After the Jaguars scored a third quarter touchdown to take the lead, things completely fell apart for the Titans. Quarterback Jake Locker turned the ball over on four straight possessions, all on his own side of the field. The Jaguars took advantage, and made sure there would be no chance that the Titans would come back in this one.