Nintendo Indie Games Celebrated At IndieCade


My Nintendo News has reported that Nintendo is pulling out all the stops for indie games this year. IndieCade takes place in California from October 10-12 this year, and Nintendo is bringing a small army of “Nindies,” or Nintendo Independent Developers, to showcase Nintendo Indie Games and speak to attendees.

With the recent move of indie games onto consoles, Nintendo has gradually been opening its platforms to more and more independent developers, most famously with their 3DS version of the acclaimed Shovel Knight.

This year, Nintendo will bring the following games (many of which haven’t been playable yet) to IndieCade:

Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

Both Platforms

Nintendo will also hold a panel geared toward future developers featuring several indie developers of the games shown above, and participate in the IndieCade Night Games, holding multiplayer tournaments in both Sportsball and Runbow.

As a lover of indie games, it’s awesome to see Nintendo doing so much to support and promote independent developers, working with them to produce more awesome games. I love that I can buy a Nintendo platform and play the big-name games alongside the small. Kudos to them for walking hand and hand with indies (and most of these titles look like a blast!).

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