Myst Will Become A TV Series


Legendary Entertainment has signed a deal with Cyan to create a new TV series from the popular PC game, Myst, Variety reports. Cyan is the firm of Myst-creators Rand and Robyn Miller. There are also rumors of a new game to go along with the story told in the TV series.

Myst is an adventure/exploration game that puts the player in the shoes of the Stranger, who examines a book entitled “Myst” and is transported to the island of the same name. As the Stranger explores the island and its many puzzles, he uncovers an intricate plot revolving around two brothers, different “Ages” containing more puzzles, and even more books containing other worlds. The game is rich in mystery and contains several different endings depending on the actions of the player. It was initially released in 1993 and remains one of the most popular PC games to date.

Legendary intends to not only create an excellent TV series, but also work towards making Myst into a transmedia franchise, particularly emphasizing use of a tablet while viewing TV shows to add more information and plot to the story. Considering the breadth of the franchise and all its successful sequels and spin-offs, such an endeavor would likely be successful both with old fans of the game and newcomers to the story.

No dates, overviews, or further information about the TV-series have been released yet.

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