Ghosts, Pools, And More Coming To The Sims 4


Just in time for Halloween season, EA is releasing the first update to The Sims 4, and it’s full of spooks. According to this blog post on EA’s website, today’s patch includes the comeback of ghosts, a Star Wars costume set, and new eye colors.

Ghosts will act on their own but can also be invited to the household as playable characters. Their behaviors will be based on their living counterpart’s aspirations, and may also exhibit ghostly behaviors based on the way that they died.

EA also announced that they are introducing pools to The Sims 4 in November. Pools were one of the most-desired objects that seemed to be missing from The Sims 4 after their introduction in previous titles. Then, in December, new career paths and rewards will appear.

It’s obvious that EA has paid attention to the mixed reactions to so many features missing from The Sims 4, and is eager to please fans both by bringing back the old and introducing the new. Furthermore, to combat concerns that loyal fans would have to pay out the nose for features they had already in previous games, all of the updates we’ve listed here are completely free. Just download the patch from Origin. Well-played, EA.

You can watch a trailer for the new Halloween features here:

Now that EA has started throwing in more features, will you be picking up The Sims 4? Comment below and let us know! Or follow us on twitter


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