Unlockable Nintendo Outfits for Bayonetta 2 are more than just Outfits


Since Nintendo announced about a month ago that Bayonetta 2 would come with unlockable cosplay outfits of our favourite Nintendo characters the internet lost its collective mind. However, since the game was released in Japan last week, new footage coming out has revealed that the outfits come with so much more than just a new skin.

These unlockables do such great fan service that plenty of people were speculating as to whether they would be paid DLC, but luckily I’m here to tell you that they are all available from purchase. You have to purchase the Super Mirror 64-2 which automatically comes with the Fox McCloud outfit, then you can purchase further couture bullets to unlock the Samus, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and Link outfits. Each outfit costs 100,000 halos, but with the new tag climax mode it’s easier than ever to collect this booty. Unfortunately, if you want to unlock these outfits for the other unlockable characters, such as Jeanne,you will have to purchase the Mirror and Bullets again for each character.

Despite this these costumes are so much more than simple costumes. For example, the Link costume not only allows you to play as the hero of Hyrule, but you can reflect attacks with the Hylian Shield by tapping the L stick towards the attacker. Not only this but if you combine the Shuraba, unlockable upon completion of the main storyline, with the Link cosplay, then you can use the Master Sword in combat, along with several of Link’s signature moves. Asides from these practical pluses there is also some unashamed fan service as enemies spill rupees instead of halos, and several features such as opening chests and unlocking hidden areas play delightful Zelda sounds.

So on to Samus. Samus was a long awaited fan favourite and it’s clear to see why. Her special abilities include her  charge cannon, which is activated by holding down on the Y button, the blast from which is so strong it knocks enemies off their feet and stuns then for a few seconds, along with her regular blaster. Samus also has the ability to turn into the morphball when double tapping ZR to do a run. Unfortunately, this ability does not transfer into cut scenes where Bayonetta’s run is still rendered as the panther within.

However, my biggest disappointment would be the Peach and Daisy costumes. While they also come with their own special abilities they are mainly just fan service. Bayonetta’s hair demons are transferred into Bowser’s arms and legs, though it is uncertain whether these attacks actually do more damage than usual. Enemies also drop Mario coins instead of Halos, and make delightful Mario sounds when picking them up. My main problem here is that both these outfits are exactly the same and come with the same abilities. The only difference is the colour. My advice would be to pick the colour you like best and not purchase the other.

But what people are most excited for is the Fox McCloud outfit. Fox’s outfit is my personal favourite as I believe it is the best executed. Not only do you get the Fox McCloud skin but you also get Star Fox lock ons, and Bayonetta fights with tiny Arwings instead of guns. And I haven’t even got to the most exciting part. If you are wearing the Fox costume you have the chance to fly your own Arwing through the world of Bayonetta. I definite must for fans.

What do you think of the Nintendo costumes? Which one are you most excited for? Leave your comments below.