Madden 15 Week 4 NFL Simulation

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Buffalo Bills @ Houston Texans

Buffalo wasn’t able to do much of anything offensively for most of the game. Quarterback E.J. Manuel completed just 44 percent of his passes, and running back C.J. Spiller finished with just 41 yards rushing.

The Bills made the plays when they had to though, scoring 10 points on their last two possessions in the game to get the victory. The big play was made by rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins, who caught a quick slant and took it 62 yards for the game’s only touchdown.

Houston managed just four field goals (one in each quarter), despite quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing for 267 yards and completing 84 percent of his passes. The problem was three Houston fumbles and poor red zone efficiency prevented the Texans from turning all those yards into points.