Forza Horizon 2 Review: Fantastic Voyage

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The social aspect of the game doesn’t stop with online multiplayer. There are also “Car Meets” and “Car Clubs”. At a Car Meet you can check out other players cars, meet new people, and even purchase exact replicas of their cars. By joining a Car Club you can keep track of your stats against other members of the club and compete for bragging rights. The better you are against your club mates the better XP you can earn each week.

Forza Horizon 2 has so many side races and special events its bordering on crazy. The “Bucket List” is a mode where you can accept a challenge and can try to complete it with one of the more expensive cars that you most likely don’t own yet. Also, and perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the game was the “Showdown” events. These events were races against incredible opponents, such as a team of stunt fighter jets. They are fantastic and highly addicting. There are also “Speed traps” and different billboards you can smash to gain XP. All helping you level up to gain more Perks and buy new cars.

There is a photo-mode which allows you to shoot some breath-taking shots of your different cars set in the stunning environment. There are number of different filters and lenses to aid your creative eye. I thought the camera mode was pretty solid. Albeit, not as magical as some I have used, but it did work well and I was able to capture some really great shots.

Racing games have never been my first choice when deciding what game to play and I was a bit apprehensive when I was given the opportunity to review Forza Horizon 2. I honestly didn’t know what I was going to think about it. I was afraid the game would feel too redundant or that I would get bored with just racing cars. I couldn’t have been more wrong in my original presumptions. This game is terrific. I haven’t really done justice to how incredible the game looks, but let me assure you, it is nothing short of an amazing display of what the Xbox One can do.  The landscapes are engaging and urge you to drive wherever you want. The weather effects are great and at times so realistic that you actually feel like you are driving in the rain. It is quite unbelievable. As you speed around the coast the breath-taking views of the sun and the glimmers of light glistening off the windshield are sensational. It looks so good you could make the case for it being the best looking game on the Xbox One. High regards I know, but I really want to drive (pun intended) home just how great Forza Horizon 2 looks.

The focal point of the game is racing and they nailed it.  The driving mechanics are as real as I have ever experienced in a game.  The braking couldn’t feel more fluid and stable.  The championships are as different as they are challenging.  Again, not being someone who typically loves a racing game, I couldn’t stop playing. The open world races never leave a dull moment. When you reach speeds of over 200 mph, the game really accentuates the rush of going that fast. Many of the races are very difficult and help to foster the urge to keep playing. I wanted to finish first in every race and refused to accept anything other than that. I can’t help my competitive side. Driving from city to city, whether on the open road or trying my luck right through the fields and pastures, felt natural and moreover realistic. All things that made for a great experience.

Speaking of experiences, the social aspects of Forza are beyond anything I was prepared for. I loved challenging Drivatars throughout the entire game.

The open world races never leave a dull moment

There were times it would take me hours to get to the next race because I kept challenging different cars. It was so cool to see other players and try to best them with their actually skills in play. The multiplayer modes were exciting while also challenging. There is one particular mode which you are the “King” and all the drivers try to crash into you, just broadening the scope of the online experience. I can see where the car meets and car clubs will be fun and will also fuel even more competitions.

The game is really without too many flaws, however I did have a minor concern. I think the level of tuning is a bit much. I know that all the Forza games have had these capabilities, but it doesn’t change my feeling on the matter. I know that many people love that depth of customization, but for me it was just an afterthought. I knew I had the option to lower my front tire pressure, but I didn’t know what difference that made, or how it would translate to my driving. I know this might be my own issue, (it likely is) but it seems like a rather involved aspect of the game and one that I would never spend much time with. Lucky for me and others like me, I didn’t find that it had any real bearing on how I did or how much I enjoyed the game. Outside of that one issue, I have nothing but positives to say about the game.


I had an absolutely fantastic time playing Forza Horizon 2. I really can’t reiterate that enough. Much to my surprise, it is so much more than just another racing game and will bring hours of competitive gaming. Forza Horizon 2 is a highly addicting adrenaline rush that never lets off the gas. It is a competitive and social stratosphere where you can constantly improve your skills, master new races, beat your friends, all while exploring the magnificent world that is Forza Horizon 2.

(A copy of this game content was provided to GameSided for the purpose of this review.)