City Approves $1 Million For Video Game Museum


Last night in Frisco, Texas, Frisco Community Development Corporation board approved a $1 million renovation plan to turn an old city museum into the first video game museum in the United States, as reported by The Dallas Morning News. The decision was unanimous.

The museum collection is currently scattered across the nation, some of it being used as a traveling exhibit. It contains tens of thousands of games, consoles, and gaming merchandise, and is allegedly the most comprehensive collection in the world. The museum’s founders and staff have been searching for a permanent home for a long time. Frisco will improve the buildings and parking at the Frisco Discovery Center, and house the museum there.

Sean Kelly and John Hardie, co-founders of the museum, want education to play a major part in the construction and set-up of the museum. Video games, both in development and play, use math, science, technology, fine arts, storytelling, and other educational elements.

Included with the museum will be an an old-school arcade, and lots of interactive exhibits. Museum officials also intend to hold workshops to teach developing tools, including how to build your own version of Pong. Along with education, Kelly also wants to preserve older games for the future, to ensure that the data is not lost.

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