New Hyrule Warriors DLC Announced


So Tokyo Game Show is happening right now in Japan, and there are some exciting new announcements happening for Hyrule Warriors.
In Japan, on September 30th new free to download content will be available containing the three evil villains from the series so far yet unplayable, Cia, Valga and Wizzro. You will also be able to turn on and off cut scenes.

They also announced paid DLC.

The first of which is the Hyrule Warriors Master Quest set which will be released October 16th and will contain: 1 new weapon,a new scenario, a new Adventure Mode map and 2 new costumes.

The Twilight Princess set to be released in November and contains a new character, a new weapon, a new Adventure Mode map and 2 new costumes.

The Majora’s Mask set released in January will contain 2 new characters, an Adventure Mode map and 3 new costumes.

All of these will cost ¥1200 excluding the final pack, the Ganon Pack, realeased in February containing 2 new game modes and costing ¥500.

It is unclear yet when this DLC will be available in regions outside of Japan, if it is made available

If you pre-order all 4 packs together you get a free Dark Link costume, and the whole package will cost ¥3000 instead of ¥4100. Neat. Update: Nintendo America has just announced that this pack will cost $20.

What do you think of the new DLC? Will it encourage you to buy Hyrule Warriors when it comes out?

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