Warcraft Extends Black Prince Buff; Lets Players Customize Faces


Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of World of Warcraft (WoW), announced late Tuesday that they are extending their Gaze of the Black Prince Buff through the release of the expansion pack Warlords of Draenor (WoD) on November 13th.

Players already on the multi-stage, time consuming, quest line when WoD (which will be WoW 6.0) is released will be allowed to continue until the release of 6.0.2, which is when players will begin their journey into Draenor to confront the Iron Horde.

Beyond that, players will no longer be able to obtain a legendary cloak.

“Once the quest is fully closed, the item will no longer be attainable, and the cloak will become a symbol of the great deeds you’ve accomplished in Mists of Pandaria,” Blizzard said in a release.

The buff increases both reputation gains with the Black Prince, of which one needs to raise to exalted as one step of the quest, and the drop chance of the 10 Sigils of Power, 10 Sigils of Wisdom, 20 Secrets of the Empire, and 12 Titan Runestones.

Killing a boss in the various Mists of Pandaria raids can yield just one of those items, thus it takes 52 such kills, and with a very low drop rate it is closer to at least 100 or ever 150, just to for that part of the questline. Other necessary things, including several solo scenarios, two player-verses-player battleground victories, as well as 40 trillium bars, and seemingly everything else at your local Azeroth Wal-Mart is required.

In an attempt to get former players back to the game, geared up, and leveled up, and a last chance to get the legendary cloak, the extension of this buff is just the latest nerfing of, i.e., easing up on, requirements for a rapid move into max level play.

In other news from the feel good department, Blizzard offered the long awaited for answer to the question of whether or not players would be able to customize their faces like their can their hair at barber shops in WoD early Wednesday, and the answer is yes.