5 Great Genesis Games that Time Forgot

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1. Chiki Chiki Boys

I’m biased as Chiki Chiki Boys in fact is my favourite game of all time, so just full disclosure on that. While it may not seem to make a mark on the sword wielding RPGs of today, Chiki Chiki Boys filled my childhood with hours and hours of fun. You play as one of two brothers making their way through a magical land in order to collect the 2 dragon eyes and rebuild your destroyed kingdom.

However, I was never really sure whether you could collect both dragon eyes or not, as upon finding the second one and completing the games story mode, the castle collapses and there appears to be no way in which to recover it. The game then notes ominously that as you failed to collect the second eye, the kingdom must be rebuilt by hand. Then again I was never one to take chances. I only recently found the alternative ending to streets of rage as, as a child, neither my sister nor I would go against the force and try to take over the mafia empire.

Give it a play though if you ever find a copy.