5 Great Genesis Games that Time Forgot

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4. Rolo to the Rescue

Fantasia however, has nothing on Rolo to the Rescue. In this game you play as Rolo an escaped circus elephant on the path to free all of his trapped compatriots, you travel through different lands murdering Ring Masters and unlocking trapped animals from their cages.  Each animal has their own skills and are required to help Rolo make it through each level.

So far so cute and fluffy, except when you learn that Rolo to the Rescue contains more than 70 levels, and yes you’ve guessed it, no save function. Not only this, but even if you complete all of the games main story line yet fail to rescue every single one of the hundreds of furry friends along the way, then you are faced with the sad faces of the animals you left to rot and a better luck next time message. Still great fun to play for as long as you can bare it.