5 Great Genesis Games that Time Forgot

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5. Fantasia

While there were several Disney games released for the Genesis with several such as Lion King reached huge commercial success, others like Fantasia got swept under the rug. Taking place in a world of Mickey’s dreams and offset to a 16 Bit version of the score from the film of the same name, you would think that this game could achieve great popularity, but there was one thing holding it back.

It was balls hard. Even on easy mode enemies seem to literally flood the screen, and you have very limited magic spells with which to take them out. As children with unlimited time and patience, playing this game over and over my sister and I failed to make it much further than the first few levels. Trust me we tried. A lot. As an adult, I found this game challenging, and with no save and the Genesis’ annoying continue function it was almost impossible to beat. Still it was refreshing to feel challenged, and it’s enjoyable even if just for the music.