Madden 15 NFL Week 2 Simulation Results

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Dallas Cowboys @ Tennessee Titans

Despite the final score, this game played out as snoozer. The Titans manage almost no offense all game, and their only touchdown came after a blocked field goal midway through the fourth quarter provided them with a very short field.

Tennesee quarterback Jake Locker had two interceptions and a fumble in this game, with the fumble resulted in a safety for Dallas.

Dallas cruised through this one without much trouble. They ran for 181 yards on the ground as they began working to chew up the clock before halftime. Quarterback Tony Romo had just four incompletions, though the Cowboys didn’t ask him to throw many passes after halftime.

Oddly, the box score here incorrectly gives the two  points for the safety to the wrong team. Here is the true final score, taken from the top of the statistics page: