Madden 15 NFL Week 2 Simulation Results

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Philadelphia Eagles @ Indianapolis Colts

This game was about as one-sided as is possible. The Eagles scored on six of their first seven possessions, including a stretch of five-straight spanning scoring drives at one point. The Eagles only punted once all game, and that came in the fourth quarter after they had stopped trying to throw the football.

For the Colts, this was an ugly game on both side of the ball. Not only did the defense get run over over the Eagles, but the Colt’s offense couldn’t get anything going either. The team’s loan touchdown came after inheriting a short field after an Philadelphia turnover.

This game ended in bizarre fashion when Foles tried to take a knee in victory formation with the ball spotted at the one-yard line. Foles wasn’t able to keep the ball over the goal line, and the play resulted in an embarrassing safety.

Perhaps even weirder is that the box score has the points from the safety attributed to the wrong team, just like what happened in the Dallas game above. This is clearly a bug in Madden 15. The game’s actual score was 34-12, and was displayed correctly at the top of the stats screen.