Madden 15 NFL Week 2 Simulation Results

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New York Jets @ Green Bay Packers

As lopsided as this score is, it could have been much worse. Green Bay had two first-quarter possessions inside the red zone that didn’t generate any points. One ended in a failed forth-and-goal attempt, and the other in a missed field goal.

The MVP of this game was clearly Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He finished with 296 passing yards, four touchdowns and no turnovers. He also didn’t get any help from the running game. Running backs Eddie Lacy and James Starks combined for just 44 yards on 23 carries.

For the Jets, things probably couldn’t have gone worse offensively. The running game stalled early, and then had to be abandoned completely once the score got out of hand. The backs combined for just 39 yards on 14 carries.

That put the offense solely on quarterback Geno Smith’s shoulders, and he collapsed under the pressure. Smith’s four interceptions were a big reason why the Packers cruised to an easy victory over the Jets.