Square Enix Creates New Console RPG Studio


Square Enix, a company famous for its RPGs, is opening a studio to focus on a new console RPG, Siliconera reports.

If you’ve ever ventured into the realm of RPGs, chances are you’ve played a Square game. Aside from staple franchises such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, Square is also responsible for old and new favorites such as Chrono Trigger, the Mana series, Star Ocean, The World Ends With You, and the recently high-selling Bravely Default and its upcoming sequel Bravely Second.

They’re recruiting experienced staff with a deadline of September 30, though you may want to brush up on your Japanese if you intend to apply. The recruitment page reads, as Siliconera translated: “We went through all kinds of adventures back when we were children. Now that we’re adults, what kind of new stories can we come up with?”

Maybe this is part of Square’s attempt to get back to their JRPG roots? I certainly hope so. In the meantime, we’ll be eagerly watching for news of what this new console title might be.

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