Slender: The Arrival Now To Terrify PS3 Owners


Alex Tintor, creator and director of Blue Isle Studios, announced this morning that Slender: The Arrival will be coming to PS3 on September 23rd.

The Arrival began as a response to the viral game Slender: The Eight Pages, a horror game in which the player must collect eight notes in a park at night. The player is pursued by the faceless Slenderman, a creature originally invented on the Something Awful forums, who has become the subject of various games and other spinoffs. Both The Eight Pages and The Arrival gained immense popularity, particularly after YouTube celebrities such as Pewdiepie played them for massive audiences. The Arrival became available on Steam on October 28 of 2013.

The PS3 release of The Arrival will feature new levels, characters, and stories. You can watch the release date announcement trailer here:

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