There's a New Nintendo 3DS on the way! And it's powerful enough tha..."/>   There's a New Nintendo 3DS on the way! And it's powerful enough tha..."/>

10 Wii Games That Should Be Ported To The New 3DS

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1. Super Mario Galaxy 2: Super Mario Galaxy 2 is easily one of the best games of this generation, and easily the best platformer. Some might of skipped it because it came out when the Wii was seen as little more than a bastion of cruddy shovelware, but the chance to play one of the last generation’s greatest games on the go seems like a a really obvious idea. It would especially great if they used it as a pack-in/free download to really show off the processing power of the New 3DS.

And that is pretty much the list. Of course I’m hoping for the library of the New 3DS to largely consist of original titles, but nothing wrong with enjoying some classics on the go that you couldn’t previously experience that way.  Anything you GameSided readers think deserves porting to the New 3DS? Let us know in the commments!

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