Fan Expo Cosplay Gallery – Not Just For Video Games!

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Copyright Daniel George, 2014.

When it comes to conventions and expos within the realm of geekiness and nerdery, a great number of people like to show up on the showroom floor dressed up to the nines as their favorite characters. Men, women, children; the entirety of Fan Expo Canada was a gathering of the likeminded in celebration of anime, comic books, film, science fiction and, of course, video games.

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The Fan Expo cosplay game was, also, just as strong as the shining exuberance emanating from the happy faces willing and wanting to have their photo taken. As I pondered not too long ago, its the appreciation of their efforts and the appreciation of the medium that makes cosplaying so fun, by wearing your hearts on your sleeve, as it were.

In between standing in line for hours to preview some upcoming games, I had the privilege to capture some of the Fan Expo cosplay costumes, and the wonderful people acting as avatars for their fandom. This is Fan Expo, dressed up!