TGS 2014: Light Pink/White PS Vita, New Themes/Games Come To Japan


At Sony’s Pre-TGS 2014 conference this morning, SCEJ President Atsushi Morita announced a Light Pink/White PS Vita coming to Japan on November 13 of this year. Morita stated that this new Vita is being marketed toward female players. It will cost 19,980 yen, or around $192.

The Vita will also receive themes like other Sony systems. Phantasy Star: Nova and Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo: Danganronpa AnotherEpisode themes were shown. It is unknown as of yet whether these themes, other themes, or the Light Pink/White Vita will be available in the west.

Morita announced that in the next few months, over 100 new titles would be coming to the Vita in Japan, bringing the total to over 600. It is unknown which titles will be given a western release, but some of the games shown included The Walking Dead, Farming Simulator, and Minecraft.

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